Rotary Drill chuck incl adapter, Ø 1-13mm (86102)

Rotary Drill chuck incl adapter, Ø 1-13mm (86102)

Drill chuck incl adapter, Ø 1-13mm for Rayjet 50 and all Speedy series lasers.

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The Drill Chuck incl. Adapter (Ø 1-13mm) is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the precision and versatility of laser engraving machines with rotary attachments. This chuck is adept at securely holding small, cylindrical objects, accommodating a range of diameters from 1 to 13 mm. It’s particularly useful for engraving on narrow items such as pens, small tubes, or any delicate cylindrical pieces. The chuck’s design ensures that these smaller objects are firmly gripped and accurately centered, allowing for consistent and detailed laser engraving over the entire surface. The narrow clamping range makes it ideal for projects that require fine detail and precision. Easy to install and adjust, this drill chuck adapter is an essential tool for users looking to expand their engraving capabilities to include very small cylindrical items, providing a reliable solution for intricate and high-quality laser engraving tasks.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
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