Ruby Tips & Tricks

In this video segment, we will go through numerous strategies and techniques to optimize your experience with Trotec Ruby software.

Fixing Incorrect Colours In Ruby (v2.6+)

This video provides solutions for correcting color discrepancies in files imported to Ruby, including the identification of problematic colors and steps to adjust them, ensuring accurate representation during laser processing.

Fit-to-Page, Array & Skip Overlapping Cut Lines, Ruby (v2.6+)

This video tutorial explains how to eliminate excess margins in Ruby software to maximize efficiency in laser cutting projects by properly aligning designs, utilizing the array feature, and optimizing cutting paths.

Installing Custom Parameters into Ruby (v2.6+)

This video tutorial explains the process of integrating custom parameters into Ruby software to diversify your material library and optimize laser cutting projects.

Mastering Ruby Screen Markers for Accurate Laser Engravings

This video tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to using Ruby screen markers in laser engraving for precise location determination and efficient project execution.

Understanding Line Thickness in Ruby Software

This video provides a detailed guide on how line thickness and color in Ruby software impact the final laser reaction in engraving and cutting tasks.

Firmware Updates for Ruby Software

This video provides a step-by-step guide to successfully update the firmware of a Trotec laser system running the Ruby software.