Going Beyond Shop Class

What do we mean when we say “to go beyond shop class”? This refers to the preconception that all laser machines are purchased by schools for a specific class – shop.

When thinking in this manner, a laser becomes an expensive tool only for one section of the education sphere. From an investment point of view for the school board, this can be quite the challenge to justify.

However, at Trotec EDU, we push the idea that a Trotec laser is not just for shop class. Here are a few projects we’ve created to outline the usefulness of a laser in other subjects. This can drive home the message to school boards that a laser is an all-around useful investment for the entire school!

Beyond Shop Class Projects


For Remembrance Day, our Trotec EDU program has launched a History project reconstructing the Battle of Vimy Ridge on our laser cutting machine using our Trotec 6mm MDF and our TroGlass Cast Acrylics.


For Drama class we are building a paper mask. We use our Trotec Laser Paper in black, blue, grey and tangerine colours. We laser engrave different patterns on top of our paper, kiss cut the fold lines and do a full cut around the shapes. We then glue all the pieces together.


For Geography class, we’re laser cutting topographic maps of Toronto’s Don Valley river using our Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutter. The material we’re using is our TroCraft Eco 1mm. Made from pure cellulose fiber, TroCraft Eco is a fully biodegradable material, completely additive and emission-free.


For Art class, and we’ve made an amazing one-line painting from laser cut acrylic. We’ve used our Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutting machine and our TroGlass white and black cast acrylics.


For English Class, we’re laser cutting a custom story board made from our TroGlass acrylic, Trotec solid wood, and our TroLase Metallics plastic sheets. All this is done on our Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutter.


For Chemistry class, we’ve made an amazing acrylic periodic table using our Trotec Speedy 100 laser cutter. This is a wonderful example how a Trotec laser cutting machine can bring out laser cut school projects from beyond “shop” class and into general science.


For Business Class, we’ve created a full-sheet size of key chains using our TroGlass neon acrylic. The idea is for students to create a product that they could sell, figure out cost of time and materials and what kind of profits they can bring in from these key chains.