Rotary 3-jaw chuck incl. adapter; Ø 23-98 mm (61281)

Rotary 3-jaw chuck incl. adapter; Ø 23-98 mm (61281)

3-Jaw Chuck incl. Adapter (Ø 23-98 mm) for Rayjet 50 and all Speedy series lasers.

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The 3-Jaw Chuck i

ncl. Adapter with a diameter range of 23-98 mm is a highly adaptable accessory for laser engraving machines equipped with rotary attachments. This chuck is designed to securely hold cylindrical objects within the specified diameter range, ensuring they are precisely centered for uniform laser engraving. The broad range of 23 to 98 mm makes it suitable for a variety of items, from medium-sized containers like jars and cups to larger objects such as wine bottles and decorative pieces. The 3-jaw design of the chuck provides a firm grip, maintaining stability during the engraving process and ensuring high-quality, consistent results. This adapter is easy to install and adjust, making it a valuable addition for those seeking to enhance their laser engraving capabilities, particularly in customizing a wide array of cylindrical items.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
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