Tables – Vacuum Table (65389)

Tables – Vacuum Table (65389)

Vacuum Table for the SP500 laser

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The Vacuum Table for the SP500 laser is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the functionality and precision of the SP500 laser machine. It features a robust and efficient vacuum system that securely holds materials in place during the laser engraving or cutting process. This table is particularly effective for working with thin, lightweight, or flexible materials that may otherwise shift or warp during processing. The vacuum’s strong hold-down force ensures stability and accuracy, leading to cleaner cuts and more precise engravings. It’s tailored to fit the SP500’s large 49 x 28 inch work area, maximizing the machine’s capabilities for large-scale projects or high-volume production. The Vacuum Table is an invaluable tool for SP500 users, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of their laser processing tasks, especially when dealing with challenging materials.

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