Rotary Attachment Roller and Cones Combo – New Style (ruler in inch) (165476)

Rotary Attachment Roller and Cones Combo – New Style (ruler in inch) (165476)

A Rotary Attachment (New Style) with rolls and cones combo for the Speedy 300 laser to engrave cylindrical objects.

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The Speedy 300 Rotary Attachment, equipped with both Roller and Cones Combo and an inch ruler, is a multifunctional accessory tailored for the Speedy 300 laser engraver. This unit, designated as part number 10620, is ingeniously designed to accommodate a wide range of cylindrical objects. The rollers provide a stable and uniform rotation for regular cylindrical shapes, while the cones are adept at holding tapered items like conical glasses, ensuring precise engravings on varying profiles. The addition of an inch ruler on the attachment aids in accurate positioning and alignment of objects, crucial for detailed engraving tasks. This dual-feature of rollers and cones enhances the versatility of the Speedy 300, allowing for high-quality engravings on both standard and uniquely shaped cylindrical items. Its straightforward setup and ease of use make it an essential tool for users looking to explore the extensive capabilities of the Speedy 300 in cylindrical engraving.

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