Tables – Anodized Aluminum Grid For Vacuum Table (43317)

Tables – Anodized Aluminum Grid For Vacuum Table (43317)

Anodized Aluminum Grid For Vacuum Table for the SP500 laser

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The Anodized Aluminum Grid for the Vacuum Table of the SP500 laser is a premium accessory designed to enhance the machine’s performance, especially in demanding production environments. Tailored to fit the SP500’s substantial 49 x 28 inch vacuum table, this grid is crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum, which offers superior durability and resistance to wear. The grid’s structure is pivotal in providing even support for various materials during laser processing, ensuring they remain flat and stable for accurate cutting and engraving. The anodized surface of the grid is particularly beneficial, as it reduces reflections that could affect the laser’s performance, thus improving the precision and quality of the work. This grid is an excellent choice for SP500 users who need a robust, reliable, and efficient support system for their vacuum table, particularly when working with challenging materials or intricate designs. The Anodized Aluminum Grid significantly contributes to the overall efficiency, accuracy, and quality of laser processing tasks.

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