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by Stephen Colley


Categories: Uncategorized

by Stephen Colley


What to Expect with the Launch of Trotec Ruby’s 2.6 Update

Trotec Laser GmbH has recently launched the highly anticipated Ruby® 2.6 update on June 6, 2023. This update brings a range of exciting features and improvements to the Trotec Ruby software, enhancing the user experience and expanding the capabilities of Trotec laser machines. Here’s what you can expect with the launch of Trotec Ruby’s 2.6 update:

– Change properties of multiple text objects: With the Ruby 2.4 update released on September 13, 2022, users gained the ability to change and enter properties of multiple selected text objects at the same time[1]. This feature allows for efficient editing and customization of text elements, saving time and effort.

– Enhanced Certificate Management: Ruby 2.6 introduces improvements to certificate management. Users can now easily generate and manage certificates for their laser jobs, ensuring accurate documentation and traceability[2]. This feature streamlines the workflow and enhances the professionalism of the output.

– Improved Remote Access: Ruby 2.6 brings enhancements to remote access capabilities, allowing users to conveniently monitor and control their Trotec laser machines from anywhere. With the updated software, users can remotely start, pause, and stop laser jobs, increasing flexibility and productivity.

– Additional Features: While specific details about all the new features in Ruby 2.6 are not provided in the search results, it is mentioned that the update includes other features that are not specified on the website[2]. This suggests that there may be additional enhancements and functionalities that users can explore and benefit from.

– Beta Features: Trotec has also introduced the concept of beta features in Ruby software. Users with administrator rights can activate and deactivate beta features, allowing them to test and provide feedback on new functionalities before they are officially released. This contributes to the continuous improvement of the software and ensures that users have a voice in shaping its development.

– Training and Support: To help users make the most of the Ruby software and the latest update, Trotec provides resources such as the Ruby Help website and release notes. The Ruby Help website offers comprehensive guidance and support, including setup, installation, and update instructions[1]. This ensures that users have access to the necessary information to successfully navigate the software and take advantage of its features. Additionally, Trotec provides training videos on platforms like YouTube, where users can get a sneak peek of the latest update and learn how to utilize the software effectively.

In conclusion, the launch of Trotec Ruby’s 2.6 update brings exciting new features and improvements to the Ruby software. With enhanced certificate management, improved remote access, the availability of beta features, and comprehensive training and support, users can expect an enhanced user experience and increased productivity with their Trotec laser machines. The additional features included in the update further expand the capabilities of the software, providing users with even more tools to create high-quality laser projects.



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