Tables – Slat Cutting Table (65392)

Tables – Slat Cutting Table (65392)

Slat Cutting Table for the SP500 laser

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The Slat Cutting Table for the SP500 laser is a specially designed accessory that significantly enhances the machine’s cutting capabilities. Perfectly sized for the SP500’s large 49 x 28 inch work area, this table features a series of parallel slats, providing robust support for a wide range of materials. The slat design is particularly effective for cutting thicker and heavier materials, as it offers stability and minimizes material movement during the laser cutting process. This design also allows for better heat dissipation and improved access for the exhaust system, effectively removing fumes and debris generated during cutting. The Slat Cutting Table is an ideal addition for SP500 users who frequently engage in intensive cutting tasks, as it ensures a stable, precise, and efficient cutting environment. Its durable construction and practical design make it a valuable tool for enhancing the quality and precision of laser cutting projects in industrial and high-volume production settings.

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