Rotary Attachment w/ Rolls (ruler in inch) (65504)

Rotary Attachment w/ Rolls (ruler in inch) (65504)

A rotary attachment with rolls (inches ruler) for the SP 500 laser engraves cylindrical objects.

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The Rotary Attachment with Rollers for the SP 500 laser, equipped with inch rulers, is an essential accessory designed to augment the engraving capabilities of the SP 500 laser machine. This attachment is specifically engineered for engraving on cylindrical objects, providing a stable and precise platform for items such as bottles, glasses, and cylindrical containers. The rollers ensure smooth and even rotation of these objects, crucial for achieving uniform and high-quality engravings. The inclusion of inch rulers on the attachment is a valuable feature, enabling accurate measurement and alignment of objects, which is especially important for projects that demand precision and consistency in engraving. This roller attachment’s integration with the SP 500 expands the machine’s functionality, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of cylindrical engraving applications. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to install and operate, rendering it an invaluable tool for SP 500 users who require precision and versatility in their laser engraving endeavors.

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