Tables – Honeycomb Tabletop – 6.4mm comb (143534)

Tables – Honeycomb Tabletop – 6.4mm comb (143534)

Honeycomb Tabletop – 6.4mm comb size  for Speedy 400 (new)

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The Honeycomb Table for the new style of Speedy 400 laser machines is a highly functional and specialized accessory, designed to enhance the capabilities of laser processing. It features a 0.25 inch nominal comb size, providing a stable and precise support structure for various materials during laser cutting or engraving. This table is specifically engineered to fit the dimensions and specifications of the Speedy 400, ensuring a seamless integration with its 40 x 24 inch work area. The honeycomb design facilitates better material handling and reduces the chances of warping or damage, especially when working with delicate or thin materials. It also aids in improving the quality of the cuts and engravings by minimizing reflections and supporting the material flat and evenly. This table is a valuable addition for users of the Speedy 400 laser machine, seeking to optimize their workflow and achieve high-quality results in their laser processing tasks.

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
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