CO2 Lens Set 2.5″ Height Clearance (30659)

CO2 Lens Set 2.5″ Height Clearance (30659)


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Expand the horizons of your Trotec SP500 large format laser machine with the 2.5″ Height Clearance Lens, a revolutionary tool designed to provide extra height clearance for engraving larger objects and unconventional shapes. With its unique design, this lens allows you to tackle projects where standard lenses might encounter obstacles, offering the flexibility needed for engraving on objects with varying heights. Seamlessly integrating into Trotec SP500 systems, the 2.5″ Height Clearance Lens ensures easy installation and compatibility. Whether engraving on skateboard decks or other irregularly shaped objects, this lens empowers you to focus in the middle without the risk of obstruction. Elevate your laser processing capabilities with the 2.5″ Height Clearance Lens for the Trotec SP500, unlocking new possibilities for expansive and unconventional engraving projects.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
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