Atmos Filter Exhaust PURE 600

Atmos Filter Exhaust PURE 600

Trotec’s newest exhaust filters made ideal for Speedy 360s, 400s and SP500s

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The Atmos Pure 600, a top-tier exhaust system from Trotec, is designed to meet the demanding needs of larger laser engraving and cutting operations. It stands out for its high-volume air flow and substantial filter area, ensuring exceptional removal of dust and gases from the work area. Equipped with a large amount of activated carbon, it effectively filters out odors, maintaining a clean and safe working environment. Its advanced features include brushless turbines for maintenance-free operation, energy-saving modes, and an intuitive digital display for monitoring filter status. The Atmos Pure 600 is the ideal choice for businesses requiring powerful, efficient, and environmentally conscious exhaust solutions for their laser processing tasks.

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Weight1 lbs
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