Accessories – Lens Cleaning Fluid (37781)

Accessories – Lens Cleaning Fluid (37781)

For all laser types

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Achieve crystal-clear optics with our Lens Cleaning Paper, the ideal companion for maintaining the precision of your Trotec laser machine lenses. Specially designed for laser optics, this lint-free paper ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning process. Compatible with various lens types, including CO2 and Fiber lenses, our Lens Cleaning Paper effectively removes dust, dirt, and residue without scratching or damaging delicate surfaces. The convenient, single-use sheets guarantee a hygienic cleaning experience, promoting optimal laser performance. Regular use of our Lens Cleaning Paper is essential for achieving consistent and high-quality results in your laser processing projects. Elevate the clarity and longevity of your Trotec laser machine optics with our premium Lens Cleaning Paper.

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