Laser Hacks

These were created by “Laser” Dave Stephens, our Applications Manager from Trotec USA, they are a great additional to your knowledge arsenal.

Laser Parameters Hack

Masking Tape Hack

Nesting Hack

Cutting Acrylic Hack

Cutting Small Parts Hack

Acrylic Engraving Hack

Using Lint Roller

Plastic Funnels with Rotary

Engraving 2 Cups At Once

Cleaning Plastics with Hexanes

Using Transfer Tape

Using Adobe Capture

Legos For Jig

Cutting Table Vacuum Fixture

Table Pins with Acrylic Blocks

Paint Fill on Polished Surfaces

Engraving Glass

Engraving Denim

Alcohol On Acrylic

Clay for Engraving Odd Objects

Sanding Wood after Laser Engraving

Low Cost Print & Cut

Clean An Engraving By Sandblasting 

Wet Paper Towels for Acrylic

Blue Painters Tape for Engraving

Cleaning Material with Magic Eraser

Sand Tray for Odd Shapes

Out-of-focus Vector Engraving

Tacky Mat

Engraving Single vs Row of Parts

Low DPI Engraving on Acrylic